Monday, 14 March 2016

This blog has now closed

This blog has now closed.
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Oh Harry, what a rollercaoseter ride....

I got recommended this book by a friend. We don't always like the same books, and I admit, at times I read things he has recommended and thought 'wow, I just wasted hours of my life'. This however, was not one of those books! (If you're reading Anthony, please keep sending the suggestions through, I promise I won't stop being a friend if I hate your suggestions - I'm sure we're even in the recommending books stakes anyway!).

So I reserved the book (Let's just call it 'Harry' for short) and surprisingly quickly it ended up on my desk. I'd like to start off by saying I'm not usually a fan of books stickered ' The Australia Women's Weekly Great Read', call me a snob if you like. I also wasn't overly amused when I realised the size of the book could be used as a serious weapon. Its large, and over 600 pages, and could seriously do some damage if waved around in the general direction of someone's head... generally who has the time to read that many pages anyway?!?

Still being a good friend I thought I should make a start.. and leave those 15 other books on my bedside table for at least another month while I wadded through Harry.

And low and behold, guess what happened? I read over 150 pages in my first sitting.

Who'd have thought that good old Harry could have more twists and turns than a rollercoaster at Dreamworld, or the pipes in my bathroom? And yet Joel Dicker manages to turn this twisted affair into an enjoyable mystery that continually kept me interested and guessing. Did Harry do something awful to fifteen-year-old Nola? Who else could have hurt her? And why would Marcus put his life at risk trying to find out... I mean really?!?

If you can get over the size of this book, then I can highly recommend it... Thanks Anthony, you suggested a winner (this time).