Friday, 23 May 2014

Finding Colin Firth ~ Mia March

Contrary to what the title might suggest, you will not find a smouldering Darcy emerging from a pond in "THAT" white shirt.
Nor will you hear him utter those famous words......"I like you.....very much......
just as you are".......swoon.

In fact, much to my horror, he doesn't even make an a appearance!!

This is an easy "feel good" read about three women and how their lives become entwined by a common thread.
Oh and there is pie. Well, more to the point, it brings to light how tastes, aromas and textures can conjure sweet memories and expose our deepest feelings and hopes.
It's the simple things that connect us to our past, the present and to whatever the future brings.

You will even find a Colin Firth Pie(Cherry Pie) recipe to try.



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